October 22, 2018

Dear Friends,

You are reading this year-end fundraising appeal because you think New Netherland matters. There are many answers to Why? To some it’s early New York, to others it’s Dutch. To others still it’s early America, the early modern Atlantic, the origins of New York's African-American experience, the destination of a distant relative's trans-Atlantic voyage—the list goes on.

At NNI we care about all the whys—and to that end we've been busy creating original content and supporting new scholarship. When you donate to this campaign, you help us build a sound foundation for that work and sustain it for years to come. As always, we are grateful for your past support. We hope you consider a donation toward these efforts today.

This year was a productive one. Our website continues to grow. Our research grants and awards continue to assist and inspire excellent new research. Our public programs remain a platform for new scholarship and a place to foster new connections. And the translations, our reason for being, continue, with the publication of a nearly 700-page volume of New Netherland's council minutes in 2018.

Next year might be our busiest yet, and your participation is key to its success. With two volumes of correspondence being prepared for publication, a series of public lectures at sites from the Capital Region to New York City, a New Netherland "family history/genealogy" workshop in Albany, and our 42nd Annual Conference, we need your help.

We hope you feel inspired to begin the 2018 giving season with a generous, tax-deductible gift toward our mission of preserving, promoting, and educating the world on the seventeenth-century Dutch colony of New Netherland.


Stephen McErleane
Executive Director

Jippe Hiemstra

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