The Dutch American Group is formed to allow all known Dutch historical societies, institutes, and organizations to share their historical records and learn from each other the phenomenal stories about the Dutch in the formation of the American society and building blocks of Church and State.  We also want to share our historical research about the Low Dutch who originally migrated to New Amsterdam and then to New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and onward to Kentucky.

Often, we recognize that one organization doesn’t know what the other is doing: conflicting dates occur; new information is disseminated unevenly; existence of programs and holdings are only known locally; unneeded duplication of resources and events occurs; assistance is unreachable or unknown; etc.  In other words, where weaknesses occur, there could be strength in unity or Eendracht maakt macht. In addition to our information list, we also have a DAG Facebook page to which you can post events, requests, current research projects, etc.

DAG will meet periodically online or via conference call to exchange information and air problems. Every two years, a face-to-face meeting at a central location may be held at which a speaker or speakers could address DAG on a topic of mutual concern or interest. Results of these meetings will go out to the constituent members via their own newsletters, mailings, or posted online as a video or document.

This is an exciting venture that will strengthen all of us as we work together in stimulating cooperation, interest in, and research about the Dutch in America and its legacy.

The DAG Steering Committee

(Michael Vande Woude, New Netherland Institute Trustee; Russell Gassero, Archivist, Reformed Church of America; Charles Gehring, Director, New Netherland Research Center; Dirk Mouw, Historian; Marilyn Douglas, New Netherland Institute VP)

July 2017

If your historical society, institute, or organization would like to become a member of DAG please email Dirk Mouw or Marilyn Douglas. Please indicate the organization that you are representing. Remember that DAG is for organizations only, not individuals. 

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