We have retired the paper version of the Marcurius. But its name lives on in our quarterly e-newsletter e-Marcurius 


De Nieu Nederlanse Marcurius

De Nieu Nederlanse Marcurius began in February 1985 as the quarterly newsletter of the New Netherland Project, edited by NNRC Director Dr. Charles Gehring. It contains news of the New Netherland Project, details of associated activities, and articles pertaining to Dutch history and culture in both Europe and the New World. In May 1988, a section “Totidem Verbis” was added at the end of most editions.  This section contains longer essays on a variety of topics, including documents, translations, matters of linguistic interest, accounts of Dutch exploration and circumnavigation, biographies, a historical calendar, and numerous other matters of interest and relevance to those who follow and support New Netherland studies.

Below are Marcurius issues by year, along with an index of subjects, people, events, and other significant citations in these issues.  A separate document lists the articles in “Totidem Verbis” by date.

Marcurius Index 1985-2018

 List of Totidem Verbis Articles by Date

Marcurius Issues by Year

2018:  December, SeptemberMarchJune

2017:  DecemberSeptemberJuneMarch

2016:  DecemberSeptember, JuneMarch

2015:  DecemberSeptemberJuneMarch

2014:  December, September JuneMarch

2013:  December, SeptemberJuneMarch

2012:  DecemberOctoberJulyMarch

2011:  DecemberSeptemberJuneMarch

2010:  December, September, June, March

2009:  December, September, June, March

2008:  December, September, June, March

2007:  December, September, June, March

2006:  December, September, June, March

2005:  December, September, June, March

2004:  December, September, May, March

2003:  November, August, May, March

2002:  December, August, May, February

2001:  December, August, May, February

2000:  December, August, May, February

1999:  November, August, May, February

1998:  November, August, May, February 

The files below were scanned from paper copies and processed with a character recognition program. Consequently there may be some minor formatting and text issues which should not materially impact your research. All issues for the year are in a single PDF.

1997:  All issues

1996:  All issues

1995:  All issues

1994:  All issues

1993:  All issues

1992:  All issues

1991:  All issues

1990:  All issues

1989:  All issues

1988:  All issues

1987:  All issues

1986:  All issues

1985:  All issues


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