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New Amsterdam History Center
The New Amsterdam History Center undertakes public and educational initiatives to encourage exploration of the early history of New Amsterdam and New York City. The organization provides free downloadable lesson plans for three grades, each focusing on a different aspect of New Amsterdam’s history:

4th grade curriculum:  Survive and Thrive – Dutch Settlers in New Amsterdam
7th grade curriculum:  Justice, Courage and Community – Dutch Settlers in New Amsterdam, circa 1641
11th grade curriculum:  Exploring New Amsterdam’s Trade and Commerce – A Research Project.


New Netherland Museum and Half Moon
The New Netherland Museum operates the Half Moon, a full-scale replica of the ship in which Henry Hudson and his crew sailed up the river that bears his name and a traveling museum. Along with a free, sample 7th grade lesson, the New Netherland Museum offers two interdisciplinary curriculum guides for purchase:

4th Grade: New Netherland - An Exploration of Past and Present
7th Grade: New Netherland - An Exploration of a Dutch Colonial Settlement


The New York State Archives - Throughout the Ages
The Archives' Throughout the Ages website is a visual education resource for teachers. It is designed to help teachers use historical records as learning tools in pre-K through grade 6 classrooms. Records relevant to the history of New Netherland include a statue of Henry Hudson, a portrait of Petrus Stuyvesant, an early map of New Netherland, and translations of historic documents. The Build Your Own Worksheet tool allows teachers to customize worksheets while creating their own lessons around documents and/or images. The Archives also offers instructional videos that provide helpful hints on how to integrate primary sources into classroom instruction.


New York State Education Department - Champlain/Hudson/Fulton Commemoration
To commemorate the 2009 Champlain/Hudson/Fulton anniversaries, the New York State Education Department developed a series of instructional modules and historical overviews exploring such topics as Henry Hudson’s explorations, encounters between Indians and Dutch settlers, and daily life in New Amsterdam. The modules include lessons designed for elementary, middle, and high school classrooms. 


Virtual New Amsterdam Project from the New Amsterdam History Center

Walk down Manhattan’s Stone Street in 1660 with this 3D re-creation of New Amsterdam in Google Earth.  The online view now available is a video which takes you into homes, gardens and taverns and introduces you to people on the street.



Mevrouw’s Manhattan: A Walking Tour

The remnants of New Amsterdam are written in the streetscape of lower Manhattan.  Follow this tour from Bill Greer, author of the novel The Mevrouw Who Saved Manhattan, either online or on foot, with block by block stories of places and people from the Dutch era.



Dutch New-York, A Game from the Dimenna Children’s Museum of the New York Historical Society 

Hear stories of life in New Amsterdam and win points as a History Detective.

About the New Netherland Institute

For over three decades, NNI has helped cast light on America's Dutch roots. In 2010, it partnered with the New York State Office of Cultural Education to establish the New Netherland Research Center, with matching funds from the State of the Netherlands. NNI is registered as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Contributions are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law. More

The New Netherland Research Center

Housed in the New York State Library, the NNRC offers students, educators, scholars and researchers a vast collection of early documents and reference works on America's Dutch era. More


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