Fun Reads for Children

In these short fiction and non-fiction reads for elementary and middle school students, readers can follow a student's imaginary trip to New Netherland, learn about a 14-year-old Dutch boy who longs to go to sea, and be introduced to many of the people and places of Dutch North America.


Going Dutch: A Visit to New Netherland

Imagine you wake up to find you're in another time and place--New Netherland! How would it look? How would it smell? Author and archaeologist Lois M. Huey is your guide in this time-traveling adventure.


Teunis in the Dutch Republic

Teunis is a 14-year-old Dutch boy who is learning to become a blacksmith but longs to go to sea. Although it is a work of fiction, this story by Janny Venema is based on historical facts.


What Was New Netherland?

Travel back in time to the early 1600s and see what life in New Netherland was like—where European settlers lived, what food they ate, what games their children played—in this introduction to the people and places of Dutch North America by Lana Holden.

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