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"New Netherland Praatjes" Podcast

"New Netherland Praatjes" is a series of chats with historians, archaeologists, and other experts on New Netherland and the world of the 17th-century Dutch. Subscribe via iTunes, or listen to individual episodes below or via iTunes.


Peter Douglas' Totidem Verbis

Readers of the Marcurius newsletter have long enjoyed Peter Douglas’s Totidem Verbis—a column about people, places and other miscellany related to the Dutch and their ventures around the world. Marcurius editor and NNRC Director Charly Gehring gave it the Latin name, displaying his inner linguist. It translates as “In So Many Words.”



Dutch Treats

Ever wonder how much Dutchmen paid for Manhattan? Or imagine a white whale swimming a hundred miles up the Hudson River? Or picture a 17th-century Dutchman as a party animal? You will after tasting these bite-size morsels of New Netherland & the Dutch World.


Recommended Reading on New Netherland

These books paint a portrait of New Netherland—from a nutshell history you can finish in a sitting to a riotous romp of a novel that carries you through 40 years on the Hudson. In between is a bestselling history that captures all the conflict and drama of the Dutch colony and a first-hand account of what the Dutch discovered in this "beautiful and fruitful land."


Dissing the Dutch: All’s Fair in Love & War

Peter Douglas on the linguistic war between the English & the Dutch: “In the English language, when something goes wrong, they put the word Dutch in front of it.”


Know Your Enemy: England and the British 

Whatever the explanation for the confusion regarding the use of "England" and "Britain," it’s important to understand and to make the distinction.


Illustrating the Manhattan Purchase

Peter Douglas explores several fanciful depictions by artists who have let their imaginations run wild within the context of the myths that befog the retelling of the purchase of Manhattan Island from the Indians in 1626.

More around the Web

Virtual New Amsterdam Project from the New Amsterdam History Center
Walk down Manhattan’s Stone Street in 1660 with this 3D re-creation of New Amsterdam in Google Earth.  The online view now available is a video which takes you into homes, gardens and taverns and introduces you to people on the street.

1609: An Online Exhibition from the New York State Museum
A celebration for the quadricentennial of Henry Hudson's arrival featuring a virtual gallery tour, videos with Charles Gehring, Len Tantillo & others, and a quiz to test your knwoledge. (Note: This link will take you to an archived version of the exhibit that may not be fully functional.)

Dutch Days at Bill's Brownstone
A walking tour of the remnants of New Amsterdam still written in the streetscape of lower Manhattan, block by block stories of people & places from the Dutch era, snapshots of New Amsterdammers who give a flavor of the place, and more.

De Gouden Eeuw
In thirteen (Dutch language) episodes, the visitor is taken through various aspects of 17th-century Dutch life, and, with a grain of salt and humor, is introduced to several Dutch historical characters. In addition to games, interviews and weather information, the site offers a 1585–1688 timeline and a historical newspaper.

About the New Netherland Institute

For over three decades, NNI has helped cast light on America's Dutch roots. In 2010, it partnered with the New York State Office of Cultural Education to establish the New Netherland Research Center, with matching funds from the State of the Netherlands. NNI is registered as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Contributions are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law. More

The New Netherland Research Center

Housed in the New York State Library, the NNRC offers students, educators, scholars and researchers a vast collection of early documents and reference works on America's Dutch era. More


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