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Of Special Interest

Matters of Exchange Commerce, Medicine, and Science in the Dutch Golden Age by Harold J. Cook; Yale University Press, 2007; 576 pp.


Books about "Dutch American"

A Dutch Family in the Middle Colonies, 1660-1800 Firth H. Fabend Published 1992

 The Dutch-American Farm David S. Cohen

Dutch Farmer in the Missouri Valley : The Life and Letters of Ulbe Eringa, 1866-1950 (Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island Centennial Series) Brian W. Beltman, Ulbe Eringa / Hardcover / Published 1996 

Dutch Colonial Homes in America Rod Blackburn, et al, /Hardcover / Rizzoli, October 2002

Foods of the Hudson : A Seasonal Sampling of the Region's Bounty Ships in 2-3 days Peter G. Rose / Hardcover / Published 1993

The Maine Massacre ~ Usually ships in 24 hours Janwillem Van De Wetering, Janwillem Van De Wetering / Paperback / Published 1996

Revisiting New Netherland, Perspectives on Early Dutch America By Joyce Goodfriend, August 2005

The Sensible Cook : Dutch Foodways in the Old and the New World Peter G. Rose(Editor) / Paperback / Published 1998

Stories of Saint Nicholas (New York Classics) Ships in 2-3 daysJames Kirke Paulding, Frank Bergmann / Hardcover / Published 1995

Zion on the Hudson : Dutch New York and New Jersey in the Age of Revivals by Firth Haring Fabend - Published April 2000


Books About New Netherland

Laws and Writs of Appeal 1647-1663 (New Netherland Project) Charles T. Gehring (Editor) / Hardcover / Published 1991 (Special Order)

New Netherland Roots Gwenn F. Epperson / Hardcover / Published 1994 (Special Order)

Anthology of New Netherland Henry Cruse Murphy

Anthology of New Netherland; or, Translations from the early Dutch poets of New York, with memoirs of their lives Henry Cruse Murphy

A Beautiful and Fruitful Place : Selected Rensselaerswijck Seminar Papers Nancy A. Zeller (Editor) / Published 1991

Beverwijck: A Dutch Village on the American Frontier, 1652-1664 By Janny Venema, September 2003

Holland on the Hudson: An Economic and Social History of Dutch New York Oliver Rink Published 1993 in paperback

The Island at the Center of the World Russell Shorto, March 2004 

New Netherland: A Dutch Colony In Seventeenth-Century America (The Atlantic World) Jaap Jacobs, December 2004

Peltries or Plantations; The Economic Policies of the Dutch West India Company in New Netherland, 1623-1639 Van Cleaf Bachman / Published 1970 

Religion in New Netherland, 1623-1664 Frederick James Zwierlein



Books about Colonial America

After King Philip's War : Presence and Persistence in Indian New England (Re-Encounters With Colonialism)Usually ships in 24 hours Colin G. Calloway (Editor) / Paperback / Published 1997

America in European Consciousness, 1493-1750 (Institute of Early American History and Culture) ~Ships in 2-3 daysKaren Ordahl Kupperman (Editor) / Hardcover / Published 1995

American Beginnings : Exploration, Culture, and Cartography in the Land of Norumbega ~Ships in 2-3 days Emerson W. Baker, et al / Hardcover / Published 1995

American Frontiers : Cultural Encounters and Continental Conquest ~ Ships in 2-3 days Gregory H. Nobles / Hardcover / Published 1997

The Americas in the Colonial Era (History of the World) ~ Ships in 2-3 days Monica Dambrosio, et al / Library Binding / Published 1993

The Arrow over the Door ~ Usually ships in 24 hours Joseph Bruchac, James Watling (Illustrator) / Hardcover / Published 1998

The Beaded Moccasin: The Story of Mary Campbell ~ Usually ships in 24 hours Lynda Durrant / Hardcover / Published 1998 

Before the Melting Pot: Society and Culture in Colonial New York City, 1664-1730 Joyce Goodfriend / Published 1992

Beyond 1492 : Encounters in Colonial North America James Axtell / Paperback / Published 1995

Cambios : The Spirit of Transformation in Spanish Colonial Art : Essays Ships in 2-3 days Gabrielle Palmer, Donna Pierce / Paperback / Published 1993

Captain John Smith : A Select Edition of His Writings Ships in 2-3 days Karen Ordahl Kupperman, John Smith / Hardcover / Published 1988

Castaways : The Narrative of Alvar Nunez Cabeza De Vaca (Latin American Literature and Culture, No 10) ~Ships in 2-3 days Alvar Nunez Cabeza De Vaca, et al / Paperback / Published 1993 

Dark Shade Usually ships in 24 hoursJane Louise Curry / School & Library Binding / Published 1998

The English Literatures of America, 1500-1800 Myra Jehlen (Editor), Michael Warner (Editor) / Paperback / Published 1996

Envisioning America : English Plans for the Colonization of North America, 1580-1640 (Bedford Series in History and Culture) ~ Ships in 2-3 days Peter C. Mancall (Editor) / Hardcover / Published 1995

The European and the Indian : Essays in the Ethnohistory of Colonial North America Ships in 2-3 days James Axtell / Paperback / Published 1982

Exiled in the Land of the Free : Democracy, Indian Nations, and the U.S. Constitution Ships in 2-3 days Oren Lyons, et al / Hardcover / Published 1992

This Fine Piece of Water : An Environmental History of Long Island Sound(Contains some historical background of New Amsterdam)By Tom Andersen with forward by Robert Kennedy, Jr.; published 2002 by Yale University Press

The Great Explorers : The European Discovery of America Samuel Eliot Morison / Paperback / Published 1986 

A Harvest of Reluctant Souls : The Memorial of Fray Alonso De Benavides, 1630 Ships in 2-3 days Alonso De Benavides, Baker H. Morrow (Translator) / Hardcover / Published 1996 

Hernando De Soto : A Savage Quest in the Americas Ships in 2-3 days David Ewing Duncan / Paperback / Published 1997 

Hobomok and Other Writings on Indians (American Women Writers Series) Ships in 2-3 days Lydia Maria Francis Child, et al / Paperback / Published 1986 

Hope Leslie, Or, Early Times in the Massachusetts (American Women Writers) ~Usually ships in 24 hours Catharine Maria Sedgwick, Mary Kelly / Paperback / Published 1987

Indian Affairs in Colonial New York : The Seventeenth Century Usually ships in 24 hours Allen W. Trelease, William A. Starna / Paperback / Published 1997

Inheritance and Family Life in Colonial New York City David S. Cohen Published 1993

The Invasion of America : Indians, Colonialism, and the Cant of Conquest Usually ships in 24 hours Francis Jennings / Paperback / Published 1976

The Iroquois Restoration : Iroquois Diplomacy on the Colonial Frontier, 1701-1754 ~Usually ships in 24 hours Richard Aquila / Paperback / Published 1997

Jonathan Carver's Travels Through America 1766-1768 : An Eighteenth Century Explorer's Account of Uncharted America Ships in 2-3 days Norman Gelb (Editor) / Paperback / Published 1995

Jonathan Carver's Travels Through America 1766-1768 : An Eighteenth-Century Explorer's Account of Uncharted America Ships in 2-3 days Jonathan Carver, Norman Gelb (Editor) / Paperback / Published 1993

Les Sauvages Americains : Representations of Native Americans in French and English Colonial LiteratureShips in 2-3 days Gordon M. Sayre / Paperback / Published 1997

The Lyon's Cub (The Lyon Saga) Usually ships in 24 hours M. L. Stainer, James Melvin (Illustrator) / School & Library Binding / Published 1998

The Lyon's Cub (The Lyon Saga) Usually ships in 24 hours M. L. Stainer, James Melvin (Illustrator) / Paperback / Published 1998

The Lyon's Roar (The Lyon Saga) Usually ships in 24 hours M. L. Stainer, James Melvin (Illustrator) / Paperback / Published 1997

The Lyons Roar (Lyon Saga) Usually ships in 24 hours M. L. Stainer, James Melvin (Illustrator) / Hardcover / Published 1997

Mission : The History and Architecture of the Missions of North America Ships in 2-3 days Roger G. Kennedy, David Larkin (Editor) / Hardcover / Published 1993

Moon of Two Dark Horses Ships in 2-3 days Sally M. Keehn / Mass Market Paperback / Published 1997

The Name of War : King Philip's War and the Origins of American Identity Usually ships in 24 hours Jill Lepore / Hardcover / Published 1998

New England Frontier : Puritans and Indians 1620-1675 Usually ships in 24 hours Alden T. Vaughan / Paperback / Published 1995

New Voyage to Carolina Ships in 2-3 days John Lawson / Paperback / Published 1984

The Oregon Trail ; The Conspiracy of Pontiac (The Library of America ; 53) Usually ships in 24 hours Francis Parkman, William R. Taylor / Hardcover / Published 1991

Red, White, and Black : The Peoples of Early North America Ships in 2-3 days Gary B. Nash / Paperback / Published 1991

Reframing the Renaissance : Visual Culture in Europe and Latin America, 1450-1650 Ships in 2-3 days Claire Farago (Editor) / Hardcover / Published 1995

Roanoke : The Lost Colony (Keepers of the Ring/Angela Elwell Hunt, Bk 1) Usually ships in 24 hoursAngela Elwell Hunt / Paperback / Published 1996

Roanoke Island : The Beginnings of English America Ships in 2-3 days David Stick / Paperback / Published 1983

The Roanoke Voyages, 1584-1590 : Documents to Illustrate the English Voyages to North America Under the Patent Granted to Walter Raleigh in 1584) Vol 2 Ships in 2-3 days David B. Quinn (Editor) / Paperback / Published 1991

Sex and Conquest : Gendered Violence, Political Order, and the European Conquest of the Americas ~Ships in 2-3 days Richard C. Trexler / Hardcover / Published 1995

Stories in Stone : Rock Art Pictures by Early Americans Ships in 2-3 days Caroline Arnold, Richard Hewett (Photographer) / School & Library Binding / Published 1996

Voyagers to the West : A Passage in the Peopling of America on the Eve of the Revolution ~Usually ships in 24 hours Bernard Bailyn, Barbara. DeWolfe / Paperback / Published 1988

Wilderness at Dawn : The Settling of the North American Continent Usually ships in 24 hours Ted Morgan / Paperback / Published 1994

Wilderness Empire ~ Usually ships in 24 hours Allan W. Eckert / Paperback / Published 1985

1676 : The End of American Independence Stephen Saunders Webb / Paperback / Published 1995

American Odyssey, 1607-1789 Paul Robert Lucas / Paperback / Published 1984 

The Archaeology of Alta California (Spanish Borderlands Sourcebooks, Vol. 15) ~Usually ships in 24 hours Leo R. Barker, Julia Costello (Editor) / Hardcover / Published 1992

Architecture and Urbanization of Colonial Central America : A Geographical Gazetteer of Primary Documentary, Literary and Visual Sources Vol 2 Sidney David Markman / Hardcover / Published 1995

Architecture and Urbanization of Colonial Central America : Primary Documentary and Literary Sources Vol 1 Sidney David Markman / Paperback / Published 1994

Beyond 1492 Paperback / Published 1995 (Special Order)

Bitter Feast : Amerindians and Europeans in Northeastern North America, 1600-64 Denys Delage, Jane Brierley (Translator) / Hardcover / Published 1993

Bitter Feast : Amerindians and Europeans in Northeastern North America, 1600-64 Denys Delage / Paperback / Published 1993

British Atlantic Empire Before the American Revolution Peter Marshall, Glyn Williams / Hardcover / Published 1980

Clash of Cultures : Indians and Europeans in the Struggle for North America (Collier, Christopher, Drama of American History.) Christopher Collier, James Lincoln Collier / Library Binding / Published 1998 
(Special Order)

Colonial America, 1492-1763 (Almanacs of American Life) Hardcover / Published 1998 
(Not Yet Published -- On Order)

Columbian Consequences : Archaeological and Historical Perspectives on the Spanish Borderlands East Vol 2 David Hurst Thomas (Editor) / Hardcover / Published 1990  (Special Order)

The Complete Works of Captain John Smith, 1580-1631 John Smith, Philip L. Barbour (Editor) / Hardcover / Published 1986 (Special Order)

Early Encounters--Native Americans and Europeans in New England : From the Papers of W. Sears Nickerson Warren Sears Nickerson, Delores Bird Carpenter / Paperback / Published 1994 (Special Order)

 The English Literatures of America, 1500-1800 Myra Jehlen (Editor), Michael Warner (Editor) / Paperback / Published 1997 (Special Order)

The Forgotten Centuries : Indians and Europeans in the American South, 1521-1704 Charles Hudson, Carmen Chaves Tesser / Hardcover / Published 1994 (Special Order)

The Forgotten Centuries : Indians and Europeans in the American South, 1521-1704 Charles Hudson, Carmen Chaves Tesser / Paperback / Published 1994 (Special Order)

The French Image of America : A Chronological and Subject Bibliography of French Books Printed Before 1816 Relating to the British North American Col Durand Echeverria, Everett C., Jr. Wilkie / Hardcover / Published 1994 (Special Order)

History of South American Colonial Art and Architecture : Spanish South America and Brazil Damian Bayon, Murillo Marx / Hardcover / Published 1992 (Publisher Out Of Stock)

Hobomok and Other Writings on Indians (American Women Writers Series) Lydia Maria Child / Hardcover / Published 1986 (Publisher Out Of Stock)

Hope Leslie, Or, Early Times in the Massachusetts (American Women Writers) Catharine Maria Sedgwick / Hardcover / Published 1987 (Special Order)

Hope Leslie, Or, Early Times in the Massachusetts (Penguin Classics) Catharine Maria Sedgwick, Carolyn L. Karcher / Hardcover / Published 1998 (Not Yet Published)

Les Sauvages Americains : Representations of Native Americans in French and English Colonial Literature Gordon M. Sayre / Hardcover / Published 1997 (Special Order)

New World Economies : The Growth of the Thirteen Colonies and Early Canada Marc Egnal / Hardcover / Published 1998 (Not Yet Published -- On Order)

New Worlds for All : Indians, Europeans, and the Remaking of Early America Colin G. Calloway / Hardcover / Published 1997 (Publisher Out Of Stock)

Red, White, and Black Paperback / Published 1991 (Special Order)

Saint Joseph in Spanish America Colonial Images of the Holy Family : Gardian of a Earthly Paradise Christopher C. Wilson / Paperback / Published 1993 (Special Order)

Seventeenth Century North America Carl Ortwin Sauer / Hardcover / Published 1977 
(Special Order)

Sir William Johnson : The Man and His Influence David S. Igneri / Hardcover / Published 1995 
(Special Order)

The Southern Frontier : 1670-1732 Verner Winslow Crane / Hardcover / Published 1977 
(Publisher Out Of Stock)

Wilderness Empire Paperback / Published 1985 (Special Order)

Wilderness Trail Charles A. Hanna / Hardcover / Published 1977 (Publisher Out Of Stock)

The World Turned Upside Down : Indian Voices from Early America (The Bedford Series in History and Culture) Colin G. Calloway / Paperback / Published 1994 (Back Ordered)

The World Turned Upside Down : Indian Voices from Early America (The Bedford Series in History and Culture) Colin G. Calloway (Editor) / Hardcover / Published 1994 (Special Order)

Ambush (The White Indian, Bk. No. 8) Donald Clayton Porter / Published 1993

The Appalachian Indian Frontier; The Edmond Atkin Report and Plan of 1755, Edmond. Atkin / Published 1967

Art of the Americas, Ancient and Hispanic, With a Comparative Chapter on the Philippines. PAl. Kelemen / Published 1969

Barcia's chronological history of the continent of Florida ... from the year 1512, in which Juan Ponce de Leon discovered Florida, until the year 1722 Andrâes Gonzâalez de Barcia Carballido y Zâuäniga

Baroque to Folk Christine Mather / Published 1980

A bibliography of the English colonial treaties with the American Indians; including a synopsis of each treaty Henry Farr De Puy

British administration of the southern Indians, 1756-1783 Helen Louise Shaw 

The British Empire in America; containing the history of the discovery, settlement, progress, and state of the British colonies on the continent and islands of America Oldmixon

Captain John Smith's History of Virginia; A Selection. John, Smith / Published 1970

The Carolina Indian Frontier (Tricentennial Booklet, No. 6) David H. Corkran / Published 1970

The colonial agents of New England James Joseph Burns

The conquest of Virginia; the forest primeval [an account, based on original documents, of the Indians in that portion of the continent in which was established the first English colony in America] Conway Whittle Sams

Conrad Weiser, 1696-1760 : friend of colonist and Mohawk Paul A. W. Wallace 

The contested coast : Europe's westward quest : a digest that narrates the contest waged for more than two centuries by various native tribes and representatives of five foreign nations, amid shifting alliances, to control a significant tidal coast of over forty-five thousand miles, now part of nineteen political divisions of the United States from Maine to Texas Lincoln A. Dexter

Cultures in Contact : The Impact of European Contacts on Native American Cultural Institutions, A.D. 1000 (Anthropological Society of Washington serie William W. Fitzhugh (Editor) / Published 1985

Discovery of North America Micháele Byam

Discovery of North America Micháele Byam 

Discovery of North America Micháele Byam

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