Translation from O'Callaghan, The Register of Salomon Lachaire, Notary Public of New Amsterdam, 1661–1662, pgs. 22–23

 To the Honorable Lords Director
General and Council of New

Most humbly showeth Emmanuel Pietersen a free Negro, as husband and guardian of Reytory, otherwise Dorothe Angola, a free Negress, that his wife did in the year 1643 on the 30th of August, stand godmother or witness at the Christian baptism of a little son of Kleyn Anthony of Angola, begotten by his wife named Louize, which aforesaid Anthony and Louwize, being both free Negroes, died a short time afterwards, leaving the above-named little boy, named Anthony, which child your petitioner’s wife, out of Christian affection, immediately on the death of his parents, hath adopted and reared as her own child, without asking assistance from anyone in the world, but maintained him at her own expense from that time unto this day, whereunto your petitioner in like manner is well disposed and willing to promote the interest of the said boy as far as in his power. Wherefore your petitioner most respectfully turns to Your Honors humbly requesting an apostil on the margin hereof, or else an acte from Your Honors setting forth that Your Honors consent to and approve of the rearing and adoption of said boy being born of free parents and by free persons brought up and may be declared by Your Honors a free person in order thus to be qualified to inherit his or your petitioner's temporal goods by last will or testament, if he should happen to die without lawful child or children. 

[In the margin is:]

Copy of the apostil.

The case being as herein represented by the petitioners, their request is granted. Done at Fort Amsterdam in New Netherland the 21st March 1661. 

By order of the Honorable Director
General and Council of New Netherland.

Cornelis van Ruyven

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