The New Netherland Institute's 39th Annual Conference will be held September 22–24 at the New Brunswick Theological Seminary in New Brunswick, New Jersey

The conference will include presentations by Jeroen Dewulf (Associate Professor in the Department of German, University of California, Berkeley), Evan Haefeli (Associate Professor of History, Texas A&M University), Oscar Hefting (Managing Director, Dutch Fortress Museum), Willem Klooster (Professor of History, Clark University), Kate Lynch (Independent scholar and recent recipient of the Albert A. Smith Fellowship), Andrea C. Mosterman (Assistant Professor of History, University of New Orleans), Dirk Mouw (Fellow, Reformed Church Center), and Daniel K. Richter (Professor of American History, University of Pennsylvania)

The conference will also include a panel with NNI’s Emerging Scholars moderated by Elizabeth Covart (Independent scholar and host of Ben Franklin’s World: A Podcast About Early American History). The Emerging Scholars are Deborah Hamer (NEH Postdoctoral Fellow at the Omohundro Institute of Early American History and Culture), Artyom Anikin (PhD candidate in history, University of Amsterdam), and Joris van den Tol (PhD candidate in history, Leiden University). 

The New Netherland/Dutch New York issue (v96 3-4) of New York History is now available

The issue includes the articles "Plan Versus Execution: The 'Ideal City' of New Amsterdam. Seventeenth-Century Netherlandic Town Planning in North America" by Jeroen van den Hurk; "'Hot Pestilential and Unheard-Of Fevers, Illnesses, and Torments': Days of Fasting and Prayer in New Netherland" by Jaap Jacobs; "Reformed Deaconries as Providers of Credit in Dutch Settlements, 1650–1700" by Harm Zwarts; "'Her Humble Estate': Poverty and Widowhood in Seventeenth-Century New York" by Abby Shelton; "The Lost Soldier of Orange: A Brief Biography of Governor Anthony Colve, 1644–1693" by Artyom Anikin; "Rescuing the Albany Records from the Fire: Redeeming Francis Adrian van der Kemp’s Notorious Attempt to Translate the Records of New Netherland" by Peter D. Van Cleave; and "The Archaeology of New Netherland: Why it Matters" by Paul R. Huey.

Origins - Light on New York's Founders

For those of you unable to attend the 37th New Netherland Seminar, we saw a glimpse of an exciting project being developed by Gert Tetteroo about New York's early history: Origins - Light on New York's Founders. You can watch the short Origins video, that was launched last week, here.

The little film radiates the message well: how NYC became an amazing and diverse City of Opportunity.
Origins is a living open air light exhibition, where visitors come face-to-face with some of the first settlers of Manhattan. In the script settlers from France, Morocco, The Netherlands, England, Ireland, Poland, the Caribbean, Belgium, Italy, Brazil, Africa, Sweden and Germany get into the limelight, along with American Indians.The format is open to growth - the many other cultures or groups that contributed to New York can be included in following years, connecting even more groups to New York and America.

The Origins website,, is live as well. The site will become a platform for the organizations that will work with us to make Origins a reality.


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