Alice P. Kenney

Alice P. Kenney, associate professor of history at Cedar Crest College, Allentown, Pennsylvania, was one of the early scholars keenly interested in the Dutch-American experience. A descendant of seventeenth-century Dutch settlers, among them the colorful Anneke Jans, she grew up in Albany, New York. She received her B.A. from Middlebury College and her M.A. and Ph.D. from Columbia University. Her books include The Gansevoorts of Albany and Stubborn for Liberty. She also wrote a bicentennial history of the Revolution in Albany, a survey of Dutch artifacts in Hudson Valley museums, and many journal articles. Her premature death meant a great loss to the world of historical scholarship.

The New Netherland Institute is the recipient of an annual grant from the Alice P. Kenney Memorial Trust Fund that enables the Institute to award an annual prize of $5,000 to an individual or group who has made a significant contribution to colonial Dutch studies and/or has encouraged understanding of the significance of the Dutch colonial experience in North America by research, teaching, writing, speaking, or in other ways. Individuals or groups to be considered for this award can be involved in any pursuit of any aspect of Dutch colonial life in North America. Emphasis is on those activities that reach a broad, popular audience in the same way that Alice P. Kenney's activities did.

The 2019 award was presented to Diana DiZerega Wall and Anne-Marie Cantwell for their important work on New Netherland archaeology. The deadline for nominations is March 1st.

Candidates for the award can be nominated by members of the New Netherland Institute, by historical organizations, or by the general public.

Nominations should be in the form of a nominating letter or statement (1–2 pages long) detailing how the nominator became aware of the nominee, which of the nominee's activities led to the nomination, how those activities qualify for the award, and what the perceived impact is of the nominee's activities.

Nominations may also include illustrative materials which demonstrate the nominee's activities such as maps, brochures, photographs of exhibits.

Nominations may also include up to three one-page letters of support from other persons.


The winner shall be selected by a three-person committee consisting of two members of the New Netherland Institute and a representative of the Alice P. Kenney Memorial Trust Fund.

The committee shall consider (1) if the nominee qualifies for the award, (2) how significant the nominee's contributions are, (3) how large the audience is, (4) how great the chances are for continued influence, and (5) whether the materials are historically accurate and based on the most recent primary and secondary research.

Send nominations to

The Alice P. Kenney Award is presented each year at the Annual Meeting of the New Netherland Institute usually held in May.

Kenney Award Recipients:
1994 Mary Capobianco & Gale Derosia, Glenmont, NY
1995 Dr. Susan Staffa, Schenectady, NY
1996 Coen Blaauw, Washington D.C.
1997 Greg Huber, Wyckoff, NJ
1998 Dr. David W. Voorhees, New York, NY
1999 Shirley W. Dunn, East Greenbush, NY
2000 The Horlepiepdansers, Schenectady, NY
2001 The Times Union, Albany, NY
2002 Peter G. Rose, South Salem, NY
2003 Howard L. Funk, Katonah, NY
2004 L. F. (Len) Tantillo, Albany, NY
2005 Donna R. Barnes, Hoftra University, NY
2006 Russell Shorto, Putnam Valley, NY
2007 Karen Hartgen & Charles Fisher, Albany, NY
2008 No recipient
2009 Dr. C. Carl Pegels, SUNY Buffalo
2010 Ralph L. DeGroff Jr.
2011 Robert Sullivan, Schenectady, NY, Library
2012 Dr. Gaynell Stone, Stony Brook, NY
2013 Ruth Piwonka, Kinderhook, NY 
2014 Paul Huey, Cohoes, NY
2015 No recipient 
2016 William A. Starna, SUNY Oneonta
2017 Firth Haring Fabend, Verona, NJ
2018 Ian K. M. Stewart, Ghent, NY
2019 Diana DiZerega Wall & Anne-Marie Cantwell, New York

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