"The Dutch in America Across the Centuries: Connections and Comparisons"

The Dutch presence in North America--from the voyage of Henry Hudson to the recent migrations of dairy farmers--stretches across four centuries. The Dutch-American experience includes the quest for gold, the crisis of slavery, diplomacy with Native Americans, and survival during the new American Republic. Two major scholarly traditions--one focusing on New Netherland and the other on 19th- and 20th-century immigration, settlement, and culture in the Midwest and beyond--have studied the Dutch experience with limited contact. "The Dutch in America Across the Centuries: Connections and Comparisons," jointly sponsored by the New Netherland Institute (NNI) and the Association for the Advancement of Dutch-American Studies (AADAS), was among the first conferences to bring together these two major scholarly traditions.


Henk Aay, Van Raalte Institute, Hope College: "Migration of Dutch Americans from the New Netherland Settlement Region as Measured by the Spread of RCA Congregations, 1664-1850"

Erin Bonuso Kramer, University of Wisconsin- Madison: "Prisoners and Profiteers: The Economics of Imperial Loyalty on the Albany Frontier, 1664-1748"


Iris Plessius, Radboud University: "Imposed Consensus: An Examination of the Relations between Dutch Settlers and Native Americans in North America between 1674 and 1783"

Pieter Hovens, National Museum of World Cultures, Leiden, Netherlands: "In Search of Gold, From New Netherland to the Far West: Dutchmen, Indians, and the Quest for El Dorado"

Jan J. Boersema and Henk Aay, VU University Amsterdam and Van Raalte Institute, Hope College: "From Wilderness to Cultivated Landscapes; 19th- Century Dutch Immigrants and the Natural World"


Peter D. Van Cleave, Arizona State University : "Saving New Netherland in the Early American Republic: The Importance of Francis Adrian van der Kemp's Attempt to Translate the Records of New Netherland"

Babs Boter, VU University Amsterdam: "The Bond of Both Worlds: Travel Writers Bridging North America and Holland"

Cornelia Kennedy, Van Raalte Institute, Hope College: "Of Men and Words: An Early Holland Debating Society"


Bill Kennedy, Van Raalte Institute, Hope College: "The Reformed Protestant Dutch Church and the Slavery Crisis of 1855"

Michael J. Douma, James Madison University: "A Dutch Confederate: Defending Slavery in a Transnational Context"


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