Charles W. Wendell Research Grant

16271.jpegThe New Netherland Institute is pleased to offer research grants with financial support from the estate of Charles W. Wendell. These annual grants honor the memory of Dr. Charles W. Wendell, a valued trustee, vice-president, and president of the New Netherland Institute's Board of Trustees from 2000 to 2015. The grant covers a period of one week up to six months, part of which may be devoted to residency at the New Netherland Research Center(NNRC), and provides a stipend of $1,000 - $ 5,000, depending upon the scope of the project. A time frame for fulfilling the grant requirements will be established in consultation with the Director of the NNRC. No housing, travel funds, or health insurance are provided. Applications are due February 15.

The research project must deal with the Dutch experience in North America and the Dutch Atlantic World, and is expected to result in a publishable article or a component of a larger work. Researchers in any discipline, including family history or biography, are encouraged to apply. There are no eligibility requirements for this grant. Everyone is eligible. The research should draw attention to the rich collection of primary and secondary sources relating to the Dutch colonial experience in America at the New Netherland Research Center, the New York State Archives, the New York State Library, or other repositories, including online New Netherland manuscript translations. A working knowledge of contemporary and seventeenth-century Dutch and a period of residency at the NNRC may be required, depending upon the requirements of the research topic.

The stipend is payable in equal installments upon acceptance by the director of the NNRC of a progress report, to be submitted at regular intervals determined in consultation with the director. At the conclusion of the grant period, the grant recipient must submit a satisfactory work product prior to receipt of the final installment.

Applications must consist of a curriculum vita and a cover letter outlining the research topic and a work plan. Recommendations will be accepted. Applications may be sent to Please use Charles W. Wendell Research Grant as subject! Or they may be submitted to the Grants Committee, New Netherland Institute, P.O. Box 2536, ESP Station, Albany, NY 12220-0536

Past Recipients of the Charles W. Wendell Research Grant








Esther Baakman, Lecturer, Radboud University. Project Title: Atlantic Advices: Representing the Atlantic World in the Dutch Periodical Press, ca. 1635-1795.

Neal Dugre, Associate Professor, University of Houston-Clear Lake. Project Title: Inventing New England: Confederation and Commonwealth in the Atlantic Northeast

Elizabeth Hines, Ph.D. candidate, University of Chicago. Project Title: Anglo-Dutch Commerce, Religion, and War, 1634-1651.

Evan Haefeli, Associate Professor, Texas A&M - $1,000. Project Title: One Great Family: The Iroquois League and the Pacification of the Eastern Woodlands.

BJ Lillis, Ph.D. candidate, Princeton University) - $3,000. Project Title: A Valley between Worlds: Slavery, Dispossession, and the Creation of a Settler-Colonial Society in the Hudson Valley, 1659-1766.

Aagje Lybeer, Ph.D. Candidate, St. Andrews - $1,000. Project Title: The Power of Body Language: Posture in Dutch seventeenth-century portraiture.



Debra Bruno ($5000): "Slavery's Hidden History" Investigation of the Dutch-American slave owners in the Hudson Valley and their enslaved people.



W.Z. (Rias) van den Doel ($2000): Explore and research the different Englishes written and spoken by users of Dutch around the globe.

Yda Schreuder ($1000): Role of Amsterdam merchants in the tobacco trade in the early 17th century in the Caribbean region.

Malte Brix ($1000): "Explore the history of maritime arbitration from the time of colonial New Netherland to today's New York".

Chelsea Teale ($1000): "Analyze the responses of seventeenth-century settlers to extreme weather and climate change in New Netherland".



Yda Schreuder ($3000): "The tobacco trade in the early 17th century in the Caribbean region.

Marian Leech ($1000): Examination of the 17th century Indian-Dutch landscape of the Delaware River Valley.

Chelsea Teale ($1000) "Dutch experience during the height of the Little Ice Age in North America".



Michael Douma ($1750): "Dutch-speaking slaves in the 18th and 19th century in New York and New Jersey".

Sabine Go ($3250): Op 'Goede & Quade Tijdinge': Marine Insurance in New Amsterdam. The Influence of Dutch underwriters on the making of the American marine insurance market in the seventeenth century.



Julie van den Hout ($5000): "Voyages of New Netherland" Created a database of ships and their voyages to and from New Netherland between the years 1609- 1664.


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