Fulbright-NNRC Student Scholar Research Grant

The New Netherland Institute provides a grant of $5,000 for research, which is intended to defray the cost of a three-month residence at the NNRC, with the research taking place at the NNRC itself, the New York State Library and the New York State Archives in Albany, New York. The research must take place in the field of New Netherland History and the Dutch Atlantic World, using the Records of New Netherland. Genealogical research is excluded.

The grant will be paid out by the NNI in monthly installments or in a manner mutually agreed upon by the grant recipient, NNI, and Fulbright. The candidate should meet monthly with the NNRC Director and may be asked to submit a written monthly progress report to the NNRC Director. At the end of the residence, the grant recipient must submit a report of the results of the research and explain these in a report in English, before the final installment is paid. The candidate may also be invited to give a public lecture in English on his research prior to his departure.

Candidates for the Fulbright-New Netherland Research Center student scholar grant must fulfill the following conditions:

- prior to departure be in possession of a Bachelor's degree
- have good command of modern and seventeenth-century Dutch
- give a clear description of the purpose and the plan of the research
- preferably be engaged in writing a dissertation as Ph.D. candidate at a Dutch university
- applications from junior scholars are also possible

In addition, the Fulbright Center stipulates that candidates must have Dutch nationality, but not dual (Dutch and American) citizenship, not be presently residing in the US or having resided there within the past few years, and must return to the Netherlands at the end of the student residency. Fulbright grant recipients are ineligible for a visa to the US for work or immigration, which does not exclude a visit as tourist or conference attender. This condition cannot be avoided by applying for another US visa. During the grant period the student will have limited health insurance.

Further Fulbright Conditions, Application Guide, and Application Form

*The application must include an invitation to apply from NNI/NNRC. To request an invitation, email nni@newnetherlandinstitute.org with a brief description of your topic by November 1st.

Applications are to be submitted to the Fulbright Center.

For a description of the award and instructions, visit https://fulbright.nl/naar-de-vs/promovendi/extra-beurzen/ and https://fulbright.nl/naar-de-vs/promovendi/fulbright-beurzen-voor-promovendi/.

Contrary to standard Fulbright Center procedure, applications for the Fulbright-NNRC grant will not be submitted to NWO c.q. the KNAW; instead, the Grants Committee of the NNRC will evaluate the applications and submit its selection for approval to the board of the Fulbright Center.

The Fulbright-NNRC Student Scholar Research Grant was established in the fall of 2014.

Meet the Scholars

2014 Joris J. S. van den Tol, a Ph.D. candidate at the Institute for History, Faculty of Humanities, at the Rijksuniversiteit Leiden, compared mechanisms of lobbying in two colonies: New Holland (Brazil) and New Netherland (North America).

2020-22 Dirk Alkemade, a Ph.D. student at Leiden University in the Netherlands. His dissertation, "Dutch Democratic Radicalism. Pieter Vreede and the Invention of Dutch Democracy" Dirk was awarded the Grant in 2020 but, because of COVID travel restrictions, he began his research at the NNRC in May, 2022.

After the suppression of the Dutch Patriot Revolution of 1787 thousands of revolutionaries fled the country. A few of them set sail to the New World, which they considered to be the land of liberty. Among them were F.A. van der Kemp and A.G. Mappa. In upstate New York, they created a new life for their families and became renowned citizens. How did they reflect on living through the Age of Revolutions? Did their transatlantic journey and personal experiences change their political ideas? This project will answer that question.

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