Essays & Talks

Over many years, the New Netherland Project and the New Netherland Research Center, working with the New Netherland Institute and its predecessor the Friends of New Netherland, have published essays and hosted talks by leading scholars.

Essays include the Annals series by Dr. Charles Gehring, originally undertaken with the support of the Consulate General of the Netherlands in New York. Talks typically were presented at the annual meeting of the New Netherland Institute or the annual Rensselaerswijck Seminar (renamed the New Netherland Seminar in 2009). Also be sure to watch our NNRC scholars' video presentations, a fairly recent but growing content medium.

"Govert Loockermans (1617?-1671?) and His Relatives: How an Adolescent from Turnhout Worked His Way up in the New World"

This is a translation of the article "Govert Loockermans (1617?-1671?) en zijn verwanten: Hoe een Turnhoutenaar zich wist op te werken in de Nieuwe Wereld" by Willem Frijhoff (Erasmus University, Rotterdam / VU-University, Amsterdam), which was published in Taxandria, Jaarboek van de Geschied- en Oudheidkundige Kring van de Antwerpse Kempen, LXXXII (2011), 5-68.

The translation was made by Wim Vanraes for the New Netherland Research Center in 2014. It provides the background for the correspondence of Govert Loockermans, 1647-71, which is held by the New York Historical Society as part of the Stuyvesant-Rutherford Papers (over 60 documents).

Explorers, Fortunes and Love Letters

Published in 2009, this collection of essays pulls from diverse perspectives--social, cultural, intellectual, economic, and political--to weave together the dynamic and diverse history of the Dutch in America. Two of these essays are available below. Purchase the entire collection in our book store.

Annals of New Netherland
A series by NNRC Director Charles Gehring funded by the Consulate General of the Netherlands in New York that lays before the public instructive but entertaining pieces relating to our Dutch heritage. This series also contains an essay on the New Netherland Project, which was directed by Dr. Gehring.

200px-Mark_of_Rensselaerswyck.jpgPrivatizing Colonization: The Patroonship of Rensselaerswijck

The patroonship plan of colonization was attempted in various regions. Only Rensselaerswijck proved a success.

TColeCTRiver140.jpgThe Dutch among the People of the Long River

The name Long River comes from the local Algonquians. The Dutch called it the Fresh River. Today it's known as the Connecticut.

vanlaer140.jpgThe Essays of A.J.F. van Laer

A collection of essays by the Keeper of Manuscripts at the New York State Library early in the 20th Century, edited by Dr. Gehring.

books-douglas.jpgDutch Renaissance: The Story of the New Netherland Project

An award-winning booklet that recounts the story of the New Netherland Project

Papers Presented at Meetings of the New Netherland Institute

GovIsland140.jpgLifeblood of American Liberty by Joep de Koning

Governors Island, landing place of the first colonists from the Dutch Republic.

HollandSociety140.jpgA name dear to every American of Dutch descent by David Voorhees, Ph.D.

The Story of the Holland Society's journal de Halve Maen by its editor.

GothicWindow140.jpgFrom Gothic Window to Kloosterkozijn by Jeroen van den Hurk, Ph. D.

Jeroen van den Hurk uses historic documents to analyze the architecture of New Netherland.

Video Presentations by New Netherland Research Scholars

In addition to talks and papers presented at scholarly seminars, NNRC scholars have lent their expertise to audiences through visual media.

Forgotten_Colony.pngUncovering America's Forgotten Colony

A documentary production about the New Netherland Project, this thirty-minute video provides some historical background about New Netherland and its documentary legacy; it explains the importance of using documentary evidence and dispels some of the misinterpretations of the Dutch in various works of literature.

Janny_WNYT.pngJanny Venema discusses the area's Dutch cultural roots on WNYT Albany

Janny Venema, the author of a social history on Beverwijck and a biography of Kiliaen Van Rensselaer, visited the set of WNYT NBC Albany to discuss the area's Dutch cultural roots.

Dr.Charles_Gehring_and_the_New_Netherland_Project___YouTube.pngDr. Gehring discusses the New York State Museum's "1609" exhibit

In celebration of Albany's quadricentennial in 2009, the New York State Museum exhibited numerous artifacts, images, and cultural objects from the region's early history. In this video, Dr. Gehring speaks about some of the exhibit's historical background.

The Rensselaerswijck and New Netherland Seminars


Selected papers from the Rensselaerswijck Seminar, now the New Netherland Seminar, are presented online in "A Beautiful and Fruitful Place."

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