The Dutch Settlers Society of Albany is making available digitized copies of a number of early volumes of its Yearbooks: from 1924, the year of the Society’s founding, to 1950. This includes Volumes 1 through 25-26. 

Some of these early editions contain translations of 17th century Dutch-language documents translated by A.J.F. van Laer that are not available elsewhere, such as records from the Deacon’s Account Book, 1652-1664, and notarial records dating from 1666 to 1687.

The current yearbook volume, earlier volumes and/or reprints of some individual articles from The Dutch Settlers Society of Albany yearbooks are available to the general public for a donation.  For more information contact our Registrar:

Cheryle Webber
504 7th Avenue
Watervliet, NY 12189
To see sample of available documents, visit Dutch Settlers Society Yearbooks or scroll down.
Note from Charles Gehring, Director, New Netherland Research Center
on Translations by A. J. F. van Laer in the Dutch Settlers Society Yearbook

A.J.F. van Laer, translator and archivist of the Colonial Dutch Manuscripts held by the NYSL, was working on a new translation of volume one when the 1911 fire broke out. This traumatic event delayed any further work as a translator for many years. However, the 400th anniversary of the construction of Fort Orange in 1924 brought Van Laer out of retirement as a translator. His translations of local Dutch records were published in the Dutch Settlers Society Yearbook in successive volumes, beginning with volume one in 1924, also the founding of the Society. As a cautionary note, it should be mentioned that volume XV contains a forged letter and map, both produced and translated by the forger himself.

Major Articles in the Dutch Settlers Society of Albany Yearbooks

Volume #1

1924 - 1926

Translation of Patent granted to Abr. Pietersen Vosburgh Constitution

Volume #2

1926 - 1927

Old Albany;
The Dutch grants along the south side of State Street; Patents and Deeds

Volume #3

1927 - 1928

Housing and Homes of New Netherland;
Burial Record of Kilian V. Rensselaer;
Arent Van Curler and his letter to the...

 Volume #4

1928 - 1929

A model of the City of Albany about 1700; Letters to Evert Jansen Wendel; Hendrik Gerritsen Van Wie, 1664-1690; Hannacrois Kill

Volume #5

1929 - 1930

Some half-forgotten worthies of New Netherland; Settlers of Rensselaerwyck,

Volume #6

1930 - 1931

Letter from Gov. Richard Nicolls to the Magistrates of Albany;
Executive Committee Report;
The ancestry of Domine Gideon Schaets in the Netherlands from the year 1520;
Date of settlement of the Lansing family in Beverwyck; Miller Plan of Albany in 1695; The ancestry of Domine Gideon Schaets in the Netherlands from the year 1520;
Date of settlement of the Lansing family in Beverwyck;
Miller Plan of Albany in 1695;
Albany in 1694;
Albany wills and other documents, 1665-1695

Volume #7

1931 - 1932

Deacon’s account book, 1652-1664

Volume #8 & #9

1932 - 1934

Burial records, First Dutch Reformed Church of Albany, 1654-1862;
Index to Burial Records

Volume #10

1934 - 1935

Albany Wills and other documents, 1668-1687

Volume #11

1935 - 1936

The orphan chamber of Amsterdam;
The old Dutch kitchen in Fort Crailo

Volume #12

1936 - 1937

The Society’s float in the Albany Charter-Day parade;
The Dutch West India Company

Volume #13

1937 - 1938

Albany Notarial Papers, 1666-1693

Volume #14

1938 - 1939

Albany Notarial Papers, 1667-1687

Volume #15

1939 - 1940

Letter from Jeronimus De La Croix to the Commissary at Fort Orange and a hitherto unknown map relating to Surgeon Van der Bogaart’s journey into the Mohawk country, 1634-1635

Volume #16

1940 - 1941

To her majesty, Queen Wilhemina;
Protocol of Dirck Van Schelluyne, Secretary of the colony of Rensselaerwyck, 1660-1665

Volume #17

1941 - 1942

Letters to Adriaen Gerritsen Papendorp;
Evert Nolden, the first schoolmaster of Rensselaerwyck

Volume #18 & #19

1942 - 1944

The Dutch fur traders of Fort Orange and Albany; Early Records of Albany;
The Reformed Protestant Dutch Church of Albany;
List of early members of the Albany DRC

Volume #20

1944 - 1945

18th Century merchants in Colonial Albany;
Gleanings from an old account book of the sloop Criestiena, 1753-1760;
A list of persons from Albany who were married in New York at the Reformed Dutch Church, 1639-1801;
Members of the Dutch Settlers Society of Albany and members of their families in the...

Volume #21 & #22

1945 - 1947

Early Dutch life at Fort Orange and Beverwyck;
Deed to 10,000 acres – Teunis Slingerland from the Mohawk Indians;
Some incidents and information about the history of commerce and transportation pertaining to the City of Albany;
The ancestry of Jan Dareth;
Burying ground inscriptions, Town of Berne


Volume #23

1947 - 1948

Christmas and New Year ye ancient City of Albany;
Burying ground inscriptions, Town of Bethlehem

Volume #24

1948 - 1949

La Grange family genealogy, Town of Coeymans burying ground inscriptions

Volume #25 & #26

1949- 1951

The organizing of the DSSA,
Gen. Philip Schuyler and the Schuyler Mansion

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