Guide to Seventeenth Century Dutch Coins, Weights and Measures

Numerous coins, weights, and measures are mentioned in the Dutch records, many of them undoubtedly unfamiliar to either the general reader or the historian. A list of such terms and their values was prepared by A. J. F. van Laer and included as an appendix to The Van Rensselaer Manor Bowier Manuscripts published 1909. However, in the thirty years following publication of that work, Mr. van Laer uncovered much additional information which he noted in his copy of the book. The following charts incorporate material selected both from the original list and from the annotations. It should be noted that there were no universal standards in the seventeenth century, as is evident from several of the following terms for which Mr. van Laer cites numerous variations in value.



1/16 stuiver


1/12 stuiver


2 duiten, 1/4 stuiver


1/8 stuiver


1/2 stuiver

stuiver, stuyver, stiver

1/20 guilder

Brabantse stuiver

24 pennings


5 groots


1/8 piece-of-eight, 6 stuivers, 1 schelling


6 stuivers or 12 groots or 1 real

pond Hollands

15 stuivers

guilder or florin

20 stuivers or 40 groots

Carolus guilder

11/2 guilders


11/2 guilders

rijksdaelder, rixdollar

21/2 guilders


2.4 guilders or 48 stuivers or 8 reals or 8 schellings


3 guilders plus 3 stuivers

pond Vlaamsch, pond groot,
"Flemish pound"

6 guilders or 20 schellings; 1 York pound


Amsterdam ons

1.085 ounces avoirdupois

Amsterdam pond

1 pound, 1.36 ounces avoirdupois


4000 pounds

Linear Measures

Rhinelandse duim

1.03 inches or 0.026 meters

Amsterdamse duim

1.013 inches

Rhinelandse voet

12 duimen, 12.36 inches, or 0.3139 meters

Amsterdamse voet

11 duimen or 11.143 inches


27 inches

vadem, "fathom"

6 feet

Rhinelandse roede

12 voeten, 12.36 feet, or 3.7674 meters

Amsterdamse roede

13 voeten, 12.071 feet, or 3.6807 meters

uurgaans, zeemijl

1/20 degree; 3 nautical miles; 18,261 feet; 1,500 Rhineland rods; 5555 meters

Van Laer quotes one source which gives the Holland mile as 5.556 kilometers and the uurgaans as 5.651 kilometers. He also mentions an old Dutch mile of 5358 meters.

geographische mijl

1/15 degree; 4 nautical miles; 4,611 Statute miles; 24,348 feet

Van Laer cites from various sources figures in meters of 7420, 7407.41, and "about 7407."

Square Measures

Rhinelandse morgen

600 square roeden; 2.103 acres

Amsterdamse morgen

600 square roeden; 2.069 acres


The land that can be sown with a schepel or rye.


In the western part of Drenthe the word mudde is used as a square measure of land, equaling 212 and 1/4 square roeden; elsewhere, 160 square roeden.

Liquid Measures





mengel, mingel

1.266 quarts oil or wine; 1.304 quarts brandy; 1.28 quarts beer; 1.915 quarts milk


2 mengelen or 2.532 quarts wine; 1 and 13/19mengelen or 2.15 quarts beer


6 mengelen or 1.956 gallons brandy


16 mengelen or 5.064 gallons oil or wine; 15 mengelen or 4.89 gallons brandy; 16 mengelen or 5.12 gallons beer


32 mengelen or 10.128 gallons wine; 32 kan brandy


120 mengelen or 37.98 gallons oil; 4 ankers, 128 mengelen, or 40.512 gallons wine

okshoofd, "hogshead"

6 ankers, 192 mengelen, or 60.768 gallons wine

varken, "firkin"

ca. 1/4 vat

pijp, "pipe"

1/2 vat or 2 okshoofden

vat, "barrel"

717 mengelen or 226.93 gallons oil; 4 okshoofden, 728 mengelen, or 243.072 gallons wine; 16 mengelen or 7.66 gallons milk.


31.096 gallons wine

ton, "tun" or "barrel"

41.54 gallons beer


12 smaltonnen or 62.192 gallons wine

Dry Measures


1/4 liter


0.764 bushel wheat; 1.29 bushels salt


3 schepels or 2.292 bushels wheat

mudde, mud

4 schepels or 3.056 bushels wheat


4 schepels or 5.16 bushels salt


36 zakken, 27 mudden, or 82.512 bushels wheat; 108 schepels

last of salt

28 heaped up wheelbarrows' full

ship's last

3.72 cubic yards, 100.17 cubic feet, or 21/2 tons burden


1/12 last or 6.876 bushels wheat


704.32 bushels salt

hoed, hoet

33.25 bushels coal


1/4 schepel

vim, vinne

104 to 108 sheaves

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