Janny Venema, Associate Director of the New Netherland Research Center, discusses Albany's Dutch cultural roots.

Janny Venema, Associate Director of the New Netherland Research Center and author of a social history on Beverwijck and a biography of Kiliaen Van Rensselaer, visited the set of WNYT NBC Albany to discuss the area's Dutch cultural roots. Watch the video here.

Uncovering America's Forgotten Colony

A documentary DVD about the New Netherland Project, where more than 18 volumes of the official archives of New Netherland have been transcribed, translated, and published to date, and its connection with modern times.

A 2012 Talk by Dr. Charles Gehring

A talk in which New Netherland Research Center director Dr. Charles Gehring discussed the Center's promotion of scholarship and dissemination of knowledge of the seventeenth-century Dutch colony of New Netherland, presented by the Friends of the New York State Library on November 28, 2012.

Wampum Making with Arthur Kirmss

In a talk from NNI's 2012 summer institute for elementary and middle school teachers, artist, writer, and re-enactor Arthur Kirmss explains the history of wampum and demonstrates how the shell beads were made, using reproduction tools and 17th-century techniques.

Virginia Adane at the 2012 New Netherland Seminar

“Trading places: men, women and the negotiation of gendered roles in the port of Nieuw Amsterdam.” Virginie Adane, EHESS, (L’École des hautes études en sciences sociales), Paris

Stephen T. Staggs at the 2012 New Netherland Seminar

“The View from the Dutch Republic: Protestant Conceptualizations of Indians.” Stephen T. Staggs, Western Michigan University

Jeroen van den Hurk at the 2012 New Netherland Seminar

“Buildings on Paper: Our Current Knowledge and Understanding of New Netherlandic Architecture.”Jeroen van den Hurk, Principal Architectural Historian at Coastal Carolina Research, Tarboro, NC

Eric Ruijssenaars at the 2012 New Netherland Seminar

“A man and his sloop: Abraham Staats on the North River and beyond.” Eric Ruijssenaars, 2011 Senior Scholar in Residence at the New Netherland Research Center, Dutch Archives, Leiden, the Netherlands.

Dennis Maika at the 2012 New Netherland Seminar

“New Light on an Old Story: Re-examining the English Invasions of New Amsterdam, 1660-1664” Dennis Maika, 2012 Senior Scholar in Residence at the New Netherland Research Center, Fellow of the Holland Society of New York, the New Netherland Institute, and the New York Academy of History

Deborah Hamer at the 2012 New Netherland Seminar

“Marriage Law in New Netherland, 1621-1664.” Deborah Hamer, PhD Candidate in History Columbia University

Brecht Cornelisse at the 2012 New Netherland Seminar

“The New Netherland Landdag, the development of a Dutch assembly (1649- 1664)” Brecht Cornelisse, Rijksuniversiteit Leiden

Bethany Romanowski at the 2012 New Netherland Seminar

“Curating Van der Donck’s New Netherland” Bethany Romanowski, Guest Curator at the Vander Ende-Onderdonk House in Queens, New York

Andrea C. Mosterman at the 2012 New Netherland Seminar

“Researching African and Dutch Exchanges in Early New York.” Andrea C. Mosterman, Assistant Professor in Atlantic History, University of New Orleans

Alena Buis at the 2012 New Netherland Seminar

“Painting New Netherland: An Art Historian’s Perspective on the Visual Culture of New Netherland.” Alena M. Buis, PhD Candidate Art History, Queen’s University, Toronto

Guido Marnef at the 2013 New Netherland Seminar

“People on the move: migration movements from the Southern to the Northern Netherlands in the time of the Dutch Revolt"

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